About Dr. Donaldson

dr-donaldsonValerie P. Donaldson, M.D., is the Founder, President, and Medical Director of the REGENERATIVE MEDICINE CENTER, and Director of Applied Research for Life Force Tampa, LLC.

Dr. Donaldson graduated from Rush Medical College in 1980.  She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, and Functional Medicine. She started her career in the Emergency Room.  At UPMC Presby Emergency Department, she authored papers on the effects of intubation techniques on the traumatic cervical spine, and the use of laboratory results in the ER.

The untimely sudden death of her mother during an elective spine procedure catapulted her thinking beyond traditional medicine of treating symptoms to seeking and treating the cause of disease.  She became a pioneer of many “firsts”.

She is the first MD in Pittsburgh:

  • Hired by Dr. Lewis MelMadrona at the first Complementary Medical Center in Pittsburgh
  • Boarded in anti-aging medicine
  • To study bioidentical hormone replacement therapy internationally
  • To complete courses in Functional Medicine.
  • One of the first MD/s to use Simeons HCG diet .  She is now associated with Dr. Emma’s HCG diet program
  • To complete the following certifications: cranial sacral therapy, reike, orthobionomy, iridology and rayid, lymphatic drainage, NET, NEAT, kinesiology, hypnosis, and most recently stem cell therapy.

She is the first MD in the US:

  • To use energy medicine combining vibroacoustic and light therapies
  • To use Life Force therapy
  • To use super vitamin complex from Japan in acupuncture meridians,
  • To use Prolon Fast Therapy and Chemoleve Therapy for patients going through chemotherapy
  • One of the first MD’s to supervise BX antitoxin therapy for cancer, and the first

Dr Donaldson is the first MD in the world:

  • Who combines stem cell therapy, super vitamin complex, and  Life Force for acute and chronic diseases.

She now specializes in arthritis and autoimmune diseases using energy and regenerative medicine as forms of therapy.  She also combines age management, facial and body rejuvenation, anti-aging supplements, and Dr. Emma’s HCG Weight loss Program to help people obtain optimal health.

She feels her greatest accomplishment is seen in her five children who strive for perfection in their respective fields, continually give back to the world, and who supported her in times when many others did not.

Her mission is helping people authentically live life to their fullest heartfelt happiness and joy.  In other words, the only thing people really desire in life is to feel good!   Dr. Donaldson helps people learn how!